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White Water Rafting

If you've never experienced the sheer thrill of white water, now's your chance! We kit you out in a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet, then run through the basic manoeuvres on dry land before launching onto the river. The course runs a kilometre and a half through swift rapids with names like Ski Run, Graveyard and Donkey's Kick. Talking of kicks, this trip kicks your average theme park white-knuckle ride straight into touch. This activity will last for 2-3 hours and will include 4 runs down the river.

Pony Trekking

This 2-hour event is a brilliant way to explore beautiful North Wales countryside from the saddle. Led by local guides, you follow tree-lined trails across the hills.

Quad Trekking

Thrilling off road riding with spectacular views of the surrounding area. Our quad bike treks are a new and exciting way to appreciate the dramatic landscape of the Welsh Valley’s. 

4X4 Off Road Driving

A fun day for everyone who enjoys the challenge and exhilaration of driving. The location is one of the most challenging in the business and is used by many of the leading off road manufacturers for product launches. It's your not-to-be-missed opportunity to drive off-road in a selection of vehicles. You'll receive expert tuition on the vehicles; terrain and how to plot your route from fully qualified instructors.


This has to be one of the most amazing activities we have to offer and probably one of the most exciting Canyons in the UK. This Canyon has 3 sections to it. The first section has some great jumps and slides and makes for a great warm up to what you are about to do! The middle section starts with several big plunge pools followed by a 100m-rock slide, which takes you to the top of a big waterfall. From the top of the waterfall you can launch yourself off and down the “Flying Fox” (an aerial zip line into the pool below). Splashdown!

Now onto the final section. A cascade of water takes you into an awesome plunge pool and then down another big slide to the end. Exhilarating! There is a very big jump back into the pool if you are feeling up to it. This activity is great for everyone, you are always roped up where necessary and there is always an easier way to get around and slides and jumps if you wish, so you will never be put in a position you don’t want to be in! This is a beautiful place to be!

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Climbing is one of today's fastest growing sports, and courses can be tailored to suit all abilities, so you always rising to your own personal challenge. Don't worry if you've never climbed before - our fully qualified instructors will show you the basic techniques of planning a route, rope work and foot and hand holds. All equipment is included.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

The thrill of watching a clay shatter in flight is so overwhelming; you’ll probably miss the next one! Under the watchful eye and expert guidance of our instructor, hopefully you’ll soon be hitting far more than you miss!

Canadian Canoeing

Explore the byways and hidden corners of North Wales. At a slightly slower pace then the rafting. You have more of chance to take in the spectacular scenery. With the odd water fight in the middle.


Kayaking can be exciting, adventurous, competitive or recreational, our Taster Days encompass all of these with a health helping of fun and adventure

A normal day begins once you have met your coach, who is a qualified member of the British Canoe Union. Once kited up with a buoyancy aid, helmet, paddle and of course the kayak, your coach will take you through a series of land based exercises, before getting on the water. No, you don't need to do a capsize drill, kayaks have moved on a long way and over the past few years, boat designs have made boats more controllable and safer to exit. You will spend the morning locally, learning new skills and developing correct paddling techniques. In the afternoon, the coaches will lead you on a short expedition down river, to put your newly found skills into practice. Throughout the day, the emphasis is placed on safe, enjoyable fun through progressive teaching and confidence building.

Bush Craft

The ancient skills of survival, shelter building, water sourcing, basic food identification, signalling and of course fire starting are all taught, combine this with the fury of white water rafting and you will soon learn the deep respect for nature that is at the heart of Bushcraft.

Raft Building

Once equipped with buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles, teams are given a short time to design their raft. A selection of materials are at hand, plastic barrels, long poles, short poles and not forgetting the all important rope.

Raft Building focuses on group dynamics, communication skills and leadership. Kids love it! We present the group with the challenge of building rafts out of limited resources. They must work together on all stages from carrying their materials to designing, building and finally paddling their rafts. When rafts are built, the group paddles their rafts around a set course on a woodland lake. The hands-on section of the workshop is over when all rafts are completely disassembled and materials are placed neatly back where they were before we started. Then we debrief the experience, highlighting positive teamwork, and setting goals for improvement.

Mountain Biking

North Wales has excellent treks and trails for all levels of rider from beginner to advanced rider. Our centre offers guided rides with sound bites of tuition to ensure you get the very best experience from the high tech bikes. The activity takes place in Glyn Ceiriog Valley or Betws y Coed. We supply bikes and helmets and a list of recommended clothing. Minimum age 12 years.

High Ropes Course

This course is available to reasonably fit people taller than 1.3m (4ft 3in).  Two hours should be allowed for the adventure.   The course involves a journey through the trees and incorporates over 28 different elements finishing with the revolutionary new POWERFAN™ for those bold enough to take “the plunge”.  Adventurers are fitted with a full body harness and helmet and then attached to a revolutionary safety system that permits progression from obstacle to obstacle without the need to detach from the safety line at any time.

Multi Activity Event

This event incorporates many of the above activities, such as 4 x 4 Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Blindfold Driving, Reverse Steer, Archery plus many other choices, this event is particularly good with large groups and our corporate guests.
Lake Vyrnwy Challenge

This is a half day multi activity event - a 2.5 hour time objective event where ach group would start the event with 5000 points & they can gain points and loose points throughout the challenge.

It all starts with Canadian canoes at the boat house, you have to paddle your canoe approx 400 meters to the dam, where you have to secure your canoe so it will still be there upon your return.  You then run to the bottom of the dam which is approx 500 meters away and you will find barrels, poles & baskets of rope, you have to build yourself a raft to sail all the group across the lake where you will be given a small task to do ! the idea is to complete the task in 1 minute if you succeed then you will gain points if not you will loose points.  You will then be directed down stream to a flagged area where you will find a large box full of pullies, ropes & boson chairs the task is to build a rope bridge, bonus points will be award if any member gets across the stream without getting wet, if the whole team get across dry then this will result in a big bonus ! Back on you rafts, dismantle them, find your canoes & paddle back to the Boat House & stop the clock.


Following a short welcome briefing you will be led out to the archery range where you will learn how to safely handle the equipment.  A highly experienced, specialist instructor will then provide tuition on the techniques required to hit the target.  You will be surprised at just how good you will be after just one lesson.


A memorable journey around the base of some sea cliffs. The journey will include swimming in the sea, scrambling on the rocks, jumping from various heights into the water and squeezing through natural rock tunnels. All the challenges can be avoided either by a swim or a walk providing you let your supervisor know nice and early.

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